‘La Dolce Sofia’ is about exploring, adventuring, and learning. I’m passionate about having and promoting experiences that engage people with the world around them in whatever way they see meaningful. For me, those experiences come through travel, culture, the outdoors, and a few extra-nerdy interests. With this site I hope to entertain and connect with an audience also interested in exploring the world around them, and to write with humour and sincerity about my experiences. 

With that mission statement out the way, I will now simply lob information about myself at you. That’s what you’re here for, right?   

Obviously a love of travel is in the job description and I’m not lacking in that department. My favourite places are the outdoorsy ones – great scenery, activities, natural wonders. I like a lot of things, though, and I often want to talk about culture, food, or other interests that I feel also come under the umbrella of ‘being curious about stuff’. I like to poke fun at myself and I enjoy good jokes about anything. I consume a lot of comedy – it’s another one of my favourite things. I dabbled in modelling but it honestly didn’t light my fire (and I’m not right for it for about a million reasons either). 

When I was younger I worked in a hotel for a while. I was a “spare part”, there to do all the things that needed extra help on any given day i.e. working in the kitchens, cleaning, setting up wedding banquets, serving as a human climbing frame in the kids club. I also entered lots of writing competitions and tried to get my fiction published in youth literary journals where possible. I have a background in competitive debate and a consequent gift of the gab. Getting involved in debate was one of the best things I ever did for myself – it took me all over the world in my teen years and even to the finals at Yale University, where my team (comprised of myself and two wonderful, ridiculously bright boys) came third.

In the summer of 2018 I interned at Conde Nast Traveller, which was pretty epic. I now write part-time for a hospitality consultancy (where my official job title is, genuinely, “wizard of prose”) whilst trying to wrangle a degree in English Literature (that I am a few months away from finishing, woohoo) off Kings College London.

I am a self-professed serial hobbyist. My problem is that I want to be a pro at everything. I’ve been doing Muay Thai since I was 13. I love science. I didn’t so much willingly follow piano through to grade 8 as I was pushed through it – but I love playing it now after all the grade stuff. I enjoy bouldering and one day hope to get to grips with alpine and ice climbing. I am currently a certified PADI rescue diver, and want to get my ice diving certification soon. I’d also love to get my A license in skydiving.

Enjoy the journey(s!), 



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