‘La Dolce Sofia’ is about exploring, adventuring, and learning. I’m passionate about having and promoting experiences that engage people with the world around them in whatever way they see meaningful. For me, those experiences come through travel, culture, outdoors and learning.

I’ve been a passionate writer my entire life, but recently alongside my efforts to capture colourful moments around the world I’ve also become passionate about photography and hope to take it further. I began experimenting with articles simply as a way to test my versatility as a writer (prior to, I had only ever written fiction). To my surprise, it quickly became my new foremost devotion: a way to engage with and capture more of what I love outside of writing, through writing. With this site, I hope to entertain, inform and connect with an audience also interested in exploring the world around them; and to write with humour and sincerity about the people and places I encounter. 

Like most, I absolutely love to travel and try to make every (possible) day a getaway. To me, it’s just the gift that keeps on giving. Our curiosity is never dispelled; we leave foreign shores spurred ever onwards by the prospect of more to learn and experience. If I had to choose, I’d say my favourite experiences whilst traveling are always those of outdoor adventure. Any activity that has me outside – diving, climbing, hiking, skydiving, etc – makes me happiest. I love earth sciences, the natural world, and being active. I also love to learn about the particularities of a place, from its history and local culture and food to its language and what’s popular on the music scene at the moment.

As for the hotel profiles and food reviews – it’s as simple as that I just really appreciate what hotels do, and I love food (mostly of the dessert variety). I’ve been exposed to and interested in these lifestyle aspects of the travel experience for a long time, but if I had to identify a turning point in my appreciation for the hotel & hospitality business it would be when I personally spent time working in a hotel as a teen. It afforded me an insight into the inner workings of a hotel that transformed the way I then experienced hotels from the ‘outside’ as a guest. I became attentive to and appreciative of detail in food & hospitality experiences in ways I wasn’t before, things that I also devote time to here on my site. 

Enjoy the journey(s!), 


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